Circular bungalow in Lunteren (NL)


Circular and sustainable. These are two terms that are commonly heard these days. What exactly does this mean and what does it look like in reality? This can be seen in Lunteren, on Mr. Viets’ bungalow.

True to his project vision, the bungalow features circular and sustainable materials. One of these is Leadax Roov, the circular roofing material made from recycled PVB.

Lunteren, the centre of the Netherlands

Lunteren, known for being the centre of the Netherlands and now a sustainable and circular bungalow.

Located in unique green surroundings, near the Veluwe nature reserve, the bungalow can be found. The structure focuses on quality and sustainability. These core values are therefore reflected in the materialisation and the choice to use Leadax Roov.

The new green is white

When “greening” the bungalow, sustainable materials were used. The sustainable nature and circularity of Leadax Roov fits completely into this greening. The raw material of this roofing material is PVB foil. A foil found in safety glass. This roofing material has a lifespan of at least 30 years and can be recycled again at the end of its life cycle. Therefore, the new green is white.


A unique way of fastening

Leadax Roov is fixed in a unique way. Namely, it is fastened together with our Leadax Bio Bind. A mixture made from bioethanol.

Fastening using Leadax Bio Bind only works if the Roov is laid on top of other PVB. To ensure this, LRS strips are used under the Roov. These strips, made of PVB, are mechanically attached to the underlying surface.

The mechanical fixing ensures that Leadax Roov, at the end of its lifecycle, can be easily separated from the other elements. This means that the roofing material can be properly recycled.


Roov and solar panels

Another reason for choosing Leadax Roov is its off-white colour. White colours are known to be reflective. This reflective nature is a very valuable feature for solar panels.

This is because the off-white Roov ensures that the surface on which these solar panels will be placed does not get too hot. A roof with traditional bitumen can get up to 80 degrees Celsius. This makes solar panels work less effectively.

So when installing solar panels, it’s a good idea to also add Leadax Roov.

For more information about Leadax Original, please visit the Leadax Original product page.

Products and accessories used on this project


Toolbox for your Leadax accessories

Test pen

Check the seam joints with the test pen

Inner Corner 90°

Prefabricated inner corner for finishing off corners

Leadax Bio Bind

Bio Bind is a welding fluid for seams and for treating PVB fittings

LRS Strip

The Leadax Reinforced Strip (LRS) is for bilge fixing and underlying mechanical fixing, without perforation of roofing membrane

Leadax Roov

Roofing for flat and pitched roofs.

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