The City crane in Utrecht, reborn

The city of Utrecht is regaining a piece of history in the form of a medieval crane. From 1402 to 1839, a city crane stood near the current “Winkel van Sinkel”, located on the Oudegracht. This medieval structure had completely disappeared from the streetscape. Until September 10, 2022. From this moment on, the crane can […]

Lead replacement used in a cavity wall

Van Egmond Metselwerken opted for Leadax lead replacement when renovating this house. Rens van Egmond heard positive reports from others about Leadax and went to do his own research. He finally decided to choose Leadax because it is smooth in structure and therefore easy to keep clean. “With other products, you sometimes see that it […]

Restoration monumental farm with lead replacement

Why was Leadax Flashing used? Leadax, the circular lead replacement, was used for the restoration of this historic farmhouse. A zinc gutter needs to be cut to size beforehand, but Leadax can be applied on site. This saves time in processing and thus fewer man hours are needed.

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