Leadax Roov

A revolutionary roofing membrane in reflective off-white, made from recycled plastic waste (r-PVB). Leadax Roov is distributed in most countries in Europe by Wienerberger.

Leadax dakbedekking Roov, vuurvast
No open fire

Leadax Roov can be applied without the use of open fire or hot air.

Leadax dakbedekking Roov, dampopen product

Vapor permeable, so no problems with mold spores.

Leadax dakbedekking Roov, makkelijk te demonteren
Easily dismountable

It can easily be removed again at the end of its service life. 

Leadax dakbedekking Roov, circulair en duurzaam product
Sustainable and circular

Made from recycled PVB, so no use of virgin raw materials.


Leadax Roov, platte dakbedekking, productvoordelen

Product details

Leadax Roov is the revolutionary circular flat roofing membrane made from plastic waste. This smart flat roofing material is reflective off-white. This keeps the indoor temperature low, but increases the output of solar panels on the roof. 

The product is made from recycled PVB foil: a residual stream from safety glass. It is highly recyclable and has a much lower environmental impact than comparable flat roof solutions. After the expected lifetime of about 30 years, the product can be easily dismantled and then recycled and reused to make new products. 

Leadax Roov is easily applied without using open fire or hot air. This makes it compliant with NEN-EN 13501-1 (NEN 6065). Also, the circular material for flat roofs is fire resistant (class Broof(t1)). This means that it is resistant to sparks being blown away by a strong wind, such as a nearby fire or flare.

Other beneftis

Dit product is ongeschikt voor:

* Voor platte en licht hellende daken adviseren wij het gebruik van Leadax Original, mits de naden en randen volledig zijn afgedicht met Leadax High-Tack

Successfully apply Leadax Roov to various roofing systems

Suitable for both flat and pitched roofs. Leadax Roov can also be applied to all substrates including wood, concrete and metal.

Leadax Flashing Easy FA is te gebruiken voor verschillende oplossingen

Mechanically fastened

Leadax Roov is attached to the roof structure.

Loose-laid ballasted

A ballast layer ensures that Leadax Roov is held in place.

Fully adhered

Leadax Roov is attached to the substrate with water-based adhesive.

Leadax Roov can be applied to different types of roofs

Several types of roofs can be combined, this is called multifunctional roofs. For example, consider a water roof with a green roof. What are they? Below you can read more about them.

White roofs

Leadax has chosen to make Leadax Roov offwhite for several reasons. Most roofs in the Netherlands are covered with black bitumen. This makes sure that these roofs can reach a surface temperature of 80 °C. Cooling this down requires more energy than heating it up. White roofs reflect sunlight, keeping the building cooler.

Solar panels

Furthermore, white roofs are also very suitable in combination with solar panels. The reason for this is that solar panels have poorer electrical conductivity at a higher temperature, which reduces their efficiency. White roofing under the solar panels ensures that there is less heat radiation on the roof, so the solar panels stay cooler and generate more energy.

Afbeelding Off-white, toepassing witte platte dakbedekking Roov

Dit zeggen anderen over onze revolutionaire producten

Tienduizenden dakdekkers, architecten en aannemers gebruiken onze producten naar volle tevredenheid.

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Product features


Leadax Roov
Color Reflective off-white
Thickness 1,5 mm
Roll dimensions 12,5 m x 1 m
Weight 1,8 kg/m²
Material Recycled PVB
Fire-proof Class Broof(t1)
Company certificates ISO 9001:2005
Warranty 10 year product guarantee

Tools and accessories

Make it easy on yourself with the right tools and accessories for your job.

Outer Corner 45°

Prefabricated outer corner to finish off the corners


Toolbox for your Leadax accessories

Test pen

Check the seam joints with the test pen

Measuring tape

Measuring tool

Liquid PVB

PVB in liquid form for finishes

Outer Corner 90°

Prefabricated outer corner to finish off the corners

Inner Corner 90°

Prefabricated inner corner for finishing off corners

High-Tack Sealant

High-tack sealant on hybrid MS polymer base

PVB Drain Down Outlet

Drain down outlet, made from r-PVB

Leadax Bio Bind

Bio Bind is a welding fluid for seams and for treating PVB fittings

LRS Strip

The Leadax Reinforced Strip (LRS) is for bilge fixing and underlying mechanical fixing, without perforation of roofing membrane

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