Leadax Flashing Original

The world’s most sustainable lead replacement with the look and feel of traditional lead, without any of the negatives. 

Circulair en innovatief dakmateriaal

Made of recycled PVB, the safety foil that’s formerly used in laminated glass.

Langere rollengtes dan andere loodvervangers
Longer roll lengths

With Leadax Original you don’t need to make an overlap every meter. 

Non toxische loodvervangers Leadax

No harmful effect on people and planet. 

Licht in gewicht Leadax loodvervanger

It weighs 3,85 kg p/m², which is 75% lighter than code 5 lead.

This is what makes Leadax Original unique

Voordelen van Leadax Flashing Original, duurzame loodvervanger

What makes Leadax Original unique?

Leadax Original is our first-ever circular lead substitute, made from recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB). PVB is the safety film used in laminated glass such as car windows. Unlike traditional waterproofing materials, Leadax Original is not a heavy metal. Therefore, our products have no harmful effects on your health or the environment.

After the expected lifetime of at least 30 years, the product is recycled. The raw materials are reused to make new products. Thus, no new raw materials need to be used and the circle is closed.

The light weight, but also the longer roll lengths, make Leadax Original easier and faster to process than traditional waterproofing products. You don’t have to make an overlap after every meter. In fact, thanks to the longer roll lengths, you can seal more in the same time with less overlap, making you more efficient with time and material. This makes the product not only better for your back, but also for your budget. Win-win.

Common applications

Dit product is ongeschikt voor:

* Voor platte en hellende daken adviseren wij Flashing Original, mits de naden en randen volledig zijn afgedicht met Leadax High-Tack.

Succesfully apply Leadax Original

Suitable for various types of applications such as chimneys, dormers and as a valley. You can use Leadax Original on all applications where you use lead code 5. On flat roofs we do recommend sealing the edges and seams with Leadax high-tack sealant.


As a valley and as a seal on the ridge of a (tile) roof.


At the bottom of a chimney with connection to the roof tiles.


On the underside of dormers or skylights as a water seal.

Other people really like Leadax Original

Tens of thousands of roofers, architects and contractors are thrilled to use our products.

Leadax Original is a very nice product to replace lead flashing. Light to use and easy to apply.
M. Vliegenthart
Stukadoorsbedrijf Katwijk
Good lead substitute and easy to keep clean. Leadax Original is tricky to cut but understood there are scissors for that.
K. Mourits
Timmer- en Onderhoudsbedrijf Mourits
Leadax Original works super, better and nicer than lead. In addition, the durability and circularity of the product are also important.
D. Vogelaar
Timmerbedrijf Vogelaar

Product details


Leadax Flashing Original
Colors Lead grey, black, terracotta, copper (on request) and white (on request)
Thickness 2,85 mm
Minimum length 6 m x 100 mm
Maximum length 6 m x 1000 mm
Weight 3,75 kg/m²
Material Recycled PVB, aluminum expanded metal
Fire-proof BBA Agrément rating C
Product's certificates KIWA Convenant, BBA, DuboKeur-keurmerk
Company's certificates ISO 9001:2015
Warranty 10 years product guarantee

Tools and accessories

Make it easy on yourself with the right tools and accessories for your job.

Steel roller

A steel roller for the perfect finish

Fixing clips

Fixes Leadax Original in the joint


Cut Leadax products to size

High-Tack Sealant

High-tack sealant on hybrid MS polymer base

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