How to take care of your new plant

What is seed paper?

The paper you are currently holding in your hands is not normal paper. In fact, this paper is made from recycled material with seeds in it.

How does seed paper work?

Seed paper is made in a very special way. If you plant it in the soil under the right conditions, the seeds will germinate. So how do you get the best results? We have worked out a simple step-by-step plan so that you can start right away.

Step 1: Preparation

The very first choice is where to plant the seed paper. Seed paper can be planted both inside and outside. It is more difficult to get the best results outside because you are more dependent on the weather. Sunlight is very important, but it may not be too hot. Would you like to plant outside? Then choose spring or summer as your season.

The safer option is to have a pot with potting soil in the house. You can just put this pot inside when needed. Our advice is to fill your pot with 2/3rds potting soil.

Step 2: Plant

Take your seed paper and the pot you just filled. Lay the seed paper on the soil in the pot. It is possible that your paper is bigger than the pot. In that case, fold the excess paper so that it fits. It doesn’t matter if it overlaps. Then sprinkle a small layer of soil, half a centimeter is enough, over the paper and press it gently.

Step 3: Watering

Once you have planted the paper in the pot and sprinkled a small layer of soil over it, give it a good splash of water. The trick to getting the best results is to keep the paper well-watered for 10 days. This is a prerequisite for the germination of the seeds. Be careful not to drown it. The seeds must first detach themselves from the paper and the paper must largely decay before they sprout. The best place is a sunny spot in the house.

Step 4: Let it grow

The seeds are now slowly beginning to germinate. As soon as this happens, keep the paper moist. Not as much as the previous times, because the chance of drowning is greater this time. As soon as the plants become firmer, reduce the amount of watering to just the right level for them to grow.

Step 5: Enjoy

After a few weeks, the plants will start to flower. Now you can choose to cut them off and put them in a vase, but you can also leave them in the pot or soil. Enjoy your beautiful and sustainable remnant.

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