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Our first product, Leadax Original, was introduced in 2017. It has the look and feel of traditional lead. It is also applied in the same way as lead sheet. In 2021, the self-adhesive lead substitutes Leadax Easy FA and Leadax Easy SA were introduced. Leadax Roov, the revolutionary sustainable roofing material, was launched in 2022.

Absolutely. You can book a demo on the Book a demo page. The demo is given free of charge so that you are completely ready to apply our products.

Of course! You can request your samples via the Request samples page. The samples will be delivered to your home free of charge and don’t worry: there are no further obligations.

Leadax has ISO 9001:2015 as its corporate certification. Leadax Flashing has KIWA Covenant, BBA and DuboKeur certification, which establishes Leadax Original as the world’s most sustainable lead substitute.

Leadax’s products are made of recycled polyvinyl butyral (r-PVB), the plastic foil that was formerly used in safety glass, such as car windows. When a rock lands on a windshield it forms a star or a crack, but luckily the glass doesn’t break. This is because of the PVB. Since the PVB is able to withstand huge forces it also forms the perfect raw material for our waterproofing products. If it can take on a stone, you best believe it can also take on rain and wind.

Our products are made in Wapenveld, the Netherlands.

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