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Outer Corner 45°

Prefabricated outer corner to finish off the corners


Toolbox for your Leadax accessories

Test pen

Check the seam joints with the test pen

Steel roller

A steel roller for the perfect finish

Mastic gun

Useful mastic gun for Leadax high-tack sealant

Measuring tape

Measuring tool

Sillicon roller

For press-fastening the seam joint

Lead dresser

Lead dresser for moulding Leadax Flashing

Liquid PVB

PVB in liquid form for finishes

Copper roller

28 mm koperroller voor detailwerk

Fixing clips

Fixes Leadax Original in the joint


Cut Leadax products to size

Outer Corner 90°

Prefabricated outer corner to finish off the corners

Inner Corner 90°

Prefabricated inner corner for finishing off corners

High-Tack Sealant

High-tack sealant on hybrid MS polymer base

PVB Drain Down Outlet

Drain down outlet, made from r-PVB

Leadax Bio Bind

Bio Bind is a welding fluid for seams and for treating PVB fittings

LRS Strip

The Leadax Reinforced Strip (LRS) is for bilge fixing and underlying mechanical fixing, without perforation of roofing membrane

View our waterproofing products

We offer several roofing products, including our award-winning lead replacement Leadax Flashing and our flat roof product, Leadax Roov.

Leadax Flashing Original

Lead replacement with the look-and-feel of lead

Leadax Flashing Easy FA

Fully self-adhesive lead replacement

Leadax Flashing Easy SA

Lead replacement with two self-adhesive strips

Leadax Roov

Roofing for flat and pitched roofs.

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